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Beautiful Micromosaic Jewelry

Micromosaic jewelry is hand made with miniscule tiles set into a frame. Micromosaic jewelry is still made today but the quality is not what it was in the 1800s, when wealthy people toured Europe and purchased jewelry featuring scenes of Rome, landscapes, animals and insects. Much of it was made in Italy. I’ve attached photos of some excellent examples.

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Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Looking at the jewelry in this photo, it appears to be vintage inspired. It’s a cute, feminine look. It’s totally fine to mix vintage inspired jewelry with authentic vintage jewelry, which is not always easy to find in the exact look you are searching for.

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Bridal Wedding Bouquet with Vintage Rhinestones

Selling vintage jewelry at the Burlington (KY) Antique Show this summer, I had more brides than I can count looking for rhinestone pins to add to a bridal bouquet.

Most of the brides I spoke to were looking for one showstopper piece to add to a bouquet of blooms.

Others were making an entire arrangement out of rhinestone pins and earrings.