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Modernist Denmark Molten Silver Cuff Bracelet — Jacob Hull?

I obtained this bangle recently. It’s a little different from things I’ve had in the past. The bangle is made from a heavy base metal with a silver plated finish on top. It has a modern design with a molten looking texture on the front.

The maker’s mark is “DS Handmade Denmark”. Another well-respected site shows a simliar piece of vintage jewelry with the same mark and attributes it to Jacob Hull. Hull was active in the 1960s-1970s and was know for using silver plating.

If anyone can help me with further info, I’d much appreciate it!

2 thoughts on “Modernist Denmark Molten Silver Cuff Bracelet — Jacob Hull?

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  3. Please let me know if you are still looking for information on this piece. Jacob Hull was fanatical about marking his work. As this is marked with a DS, my first inclination is that it is not a Jacob Hull. Although he did use silver, and gold plating, in particular for the designs created for B&D, those were always marked B&D, as well as either JHULL, or HULL. With the exception of the pieces for B&D, Hull worked alone, and was exceptionally diligent about protecting his work. There are a number of websites which discuss Jacob Hull, his work, and practices.

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