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More Celluloid Jewelry — Laminated Bob Dodd Rings

I’m still looking for photos of celluloid jewelry to show you the different characteristics of vintage celluloid. Another example of are celluloid rings. The ones photographed here were made by Bob Dodd, a well-known celluloid artist. The variety of his designs was amazing!

Some rings of this style had photos underneath clear lamination. Over time, the lamination becomes yellowed but this is to be expected.

Prisoners made many of these style rings. I’ve heard them called “prison rings”.

Celluloid rings in the styles I’ve discussed have become increasingly hard to find. I haven’t seen one for sale in my area for a few years.

4 thoughts on “More Celluloid Jewelry — Laminated Bob Dodd Rings

  1. My Father died in 2008. he made the rings for over 71 years.

    1. Very cool rings. He must have really been a creative person.

  2. I just found a celluloid prison ring that is for a woman. Carved head cameo in black brown pink colors. Pointed long shape. if interested I will send Pictures.

  3. I have in my possession a sling shot made in 1942 by my Father, as well as several hundred rings, belt buckles, coin rings, clocks, and other items.
    Larry “Pete” Dodd

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