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Maximal Art Jewelry

I have a large group of Maximal Art holiday motif jewelry, some of which is listed on eBay now. Maximal Art, designed by John Wind, features images from vintage postcards and other printed materials, Austrian crystals and 14K gold plated settings. This jewelry has charming, vintage-inspired designs. My Maximal Art jewelry is new old stock.

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What is Art Moderne Jewelry?

Art Moderne style is an extension of Art Deco design and is associated with the later period of Art Deco style. Art Moderne can be dated from the late 1920s to the start of WWII. Art Moderne style is geometric and blocky. To me, it appears to be influenced by the Machine Age. Colors are bright and bold in Art Moderne jewelry. In contrast, Art Deco is more delicate.

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What is Art Nouveau? Art Nouveau Jewelry

What is Art Nouveau? How to Recognize Art Nouveau jewelry?

According to, Art Nouveau is a “style of decoration and architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, characterized particularly by the depiction of leaves and flowers in flowing, sinuous lines.” [French : art, art + nouveau, new.]

The jewelry shown in this post is very typical of Art Nouveau styling.