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Mid-Century Copper and Enamel Pendant Set — Signed Le

I need help identifying the maker of this copper and enamel pendant and matching earrings. The set has a bright orange background with raised flowers on the front. The backside of the set is also enameled. The pieces are of obvious high quality but I have not been able to identify the maker’s mark on the attached sticker. I’ve asked everyone I know in the vintage jewelry trade and still don’t know. If someone out there knows who this maker is, please email me! Thanks!

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What is Art Nouveau? Art Nouveau Jewelry

What is Art Nouveau? How to Recognize Art Nouveau jewelry?

According to, Art Nouveau is a “style of decoration and architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, characterized particularly by the depiction of leaves and flowers in flowing, sinuous lines.” [French : art, art + nouveau, new.]

The jewelry shown in this post is very typical of Art Nouveau styling.