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I went to my local thrift shop yesterday to drop off some donations. I always give the jewelry cases a cursory look but NEVER find anything of value to buy. Actually, most of the jewelry appears to be junk jewelry that I’ve donated in the past. But yesterday was a different day. In the back of the showcase was this swirled medium green bakelite bead necklace and matching screwback earrings for $4.00. I snatched this set up immediately. My only other “find” here was years ago and I really regret reselling it for a song. It was a vintage lucite chair — probably worth many times the $40 I sold it for. Oh well…..

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Getting Ready for the 2009 Burlington Antiques Show

I am SO ready for the Burlington Antique Show this coming spring! Last year, I sold at Burlington a couple of times and loved it.

The show is on the 3rd Sunday of every month, April – October. It is an outdoor show at the Boone County fairgrounds that features about 250 antique and collectible dealers. Some dealers are out in the open while others are under cover. Food vendors are present at the show, too. I like the fact that dealers are not supposed to bring “new” items to the show.

I’m in the process of gathering lots of jewelry to sell. I’ve found that it’s best to have a great deal of jewelry and to have items in a variety of price ranges. I’ve sold to people who want junk jewelry for grandkids to play dress-up in or who want to use junk jewelry for craft projects. I’ve also sold very high end jewelry to serious collectors. That’s what’s fun about Burlington — interacting with all the different people and talking to them about their interest in vintage jewelry.

I plan to sell at Burlington each month in 2009. Hope to see you there!
Burlington Antique Show
Boone County Fairgrounds
5819 Idlewild Rd. (KY Route 338)
Burlington, Kentucky(10 minutes south of Cincinnati)