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Vintage Caro-Nan Box Purse — Painted with Playing Cards

I love these 1960s-1970s box purses, many of which were painted by Caro-Nan. I don’t know anything about Caro-Nan and there is very little online about this company.

My green painted basket purse has a bridge motif. It is nicely painted front and back with playing cards. The sides of the purse are painted with the reverse side of a playing card. Inside the purse, it’s like in a gingham fabric. This purse is part of my personal collection and not for sale. I’m always looking for box purses to add to my collection. If you have one, let me know!

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Vintage Painted Cincinnati Box Purse

My mother-in-law got this purse in the 1970s and passed it on to me a few years ago. I have a thing for hard-sided box purses and this Cincinnati, OH themed purse is my favorite. It’s shaped like a house, which is unusual. One side of the roof swings up to let you into the purse.

The sides of the purse are painted with Cincinnati landmarks: Cincinnati Reds, Music Hall, Roderick St. Johns (I’m not sure what that was, maybe a store?), Riverfront Stadium, Maisonette, Cincinnati Bengals, Pigall’s, Art Museum.

I wish someone could make some plain box purses for me so I could paint up a storm.

I’m not sure who made the purse. Caro-Nan made a lot of purses at the time but this one is unsigned.