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WWII Era Puffy Heart Charms

Puffy heart charms, so named because the charms are “puffy” on both sides, were very popular in the 1940s. Most are made of sterling silver, some with elaborate enamelling or beautiful personalized engraving.

Many had themes of love, such as Forget Me Not flowers, or lovebirds. I’ve seen them with animals, fleurdelis, scrolls, repousse styling, other floral themes and WWII sweetheart military themes.

Some of the most collectible were made by Walter Lampl, who manufactured series of guilloche enamel birthday charms as well as floral series charms.

newpicssjan31 009 This is a mother of pearl and enamel floral charm from the 1940s.

newpicssjan31 046 A WWII era airplane charm, engraved “Dad” on the back.

newpicssjan31 029

newpicssjan29 027 A US Navy sweetheart charm

newpicssjan29 031 Home Sweet Home, Engraved “Mom”

newpicssjan28 035 A Walter Lampl jeweled guilloche enamel birthday series charm

newpicssjan28 052 Lion face charm

newpicssjan28 027 A Lampl enamel floral series charm, a lily, I believe.